What is leadership?

Leadership is a form of influence that everyone can cultivate through competence, self-awareness, curiosity, honesty and trust. It is defined by the examples we set through the choices we make as we balance our own desires and life goals with the needs of others.  A leader is anyone who steps up and influences others, and who others choose to follow. 

Becoming an inspiring and uplifting leader involves a deep understanding of oneself: what drives us, what our strengths are, what nourishes us, and what depletes us—so we can navigate all manner of situations grounded in personal courage, authenticity, and resilience. 


Leaders, like athletes, benefit from having skilled support and guidance from coaches who have training and experience grounded in neuroscience, positive psychology and mindfulness.  

What is leadership coaching?

Leadership coaching is a transformational partnership, ideally over a 6-12 month period, in which I'll help you nurture changes within yourself as a means to get to where you want in life. Changing the way we think about ourselves takes time because the process involves emotion rather than information. The brain needs time to create shifts in the way we think, feel and behave. The work I facilitate with clients is grounded in neuroscience, positive psychology, mindfulness, and emotional intelligence. View my coaching packages →

What is your approach?

As a certified professional (CPCC) Co-Active Coach, I'm not going try and fix your weaknesses. Instead we'll focus on growing and leveraging your natural strengths so you can offer them to the world while being mindful of where you are not so strong and taking steps to manage these.

I work with people in a deep spacious manner to help them connect within. I am not a quick fix it coach. I'll help you learn how to pause so you can listen and tap into to your own wisdom. With stillness comes clarity and choice.

It is about who you are being and what you are doing—and creating balance and rhythm between these two parts of yourself.  

One must be before they can do.  
Being comes before doing.

My approach is deep and spacious because the breakthrough process is not linear. In fact, at times it may not appear action oriented, focused or productive. Transformation is messy. Emotions are messy. Leadership coaching is not a logical or analytical process. The work is subtle and very much connected to who you are at your core.  View my coaching packages →

What can I expect?

I'll hold your larger vision as we coach together, so you can give your full attention and intention to where you are in each session. 

When we meet, you'll bring your topics—the things you're encountering in your personal and professional life. These will act as doorways for us to step through together to explore and align your inner core values and personal strengths. Until you can understand yourself and your deepest motives underpinning everything you think, feel and do, you will not be able to show up consistently and engage with others in a ways that you feel good and honourable...in alignment with your integrity.  View my coaching packages →

Who do you work with?

My clients are community advocates, entrepreneurs, business owners, politicians, managers, and new or seasoned leaders in local, regional, and national governments.

This person is special to me because I know how alone, overwhelming, and scary it can feel when you're in a position of leadership—in your life and work. It can feel hard to know who you can trust and who you can lean on. At the same time, you're excited, determined, and inspired to do all you can to make a difference in the lives of others.

Where do coaching sessions take place?

Your sessions can take place in my office, over the phone, or via Skype. Phone and Skype sessions typically offer the most convenience to my clients.

What is the process?

All 4-12 month packages include a strengths assessment and comprehensive debrief, a minimum two-hour discovery session with consecutive sessions ranging from 60-90 minutes.  

The process is completely personalized to meet your needs.  

The discovery session includes a coaching overview which outlines the program. We'll also review key exercises and design our coaching partnership.

Coaching Sessions:

- are created from a 'leader from within' approach.

- are spacious—allowing for depth of learning and action to create sustainable shifts and transformation.  

- are based on the belief that coaching is a collaborative partnership focused on the agenda that you, the client, brings to the session.

Packages Include: 

- email and text support in-between sessions.   

- access to a private online space - sharing ideas, insights, takeaways through conversational text, videos, pictures.

- optional videos, articles and books to deepen your learning and provide additional support in between sessions.

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What is the difference between counselling, coaching and mentoring?

A coach is not the same as a mentor, consultant, or counsellor—yet they can potentially work well together.

A mentor/consultant will set out to train or give you direct advice in support of the professional goal or project you are attempting to accomplish.  

Coaching and counselling share common ground. Both approaches help people make changes and accomplish goals that really matter to them.

However, counselling is more about taking inventory of past problems to understand the present; whereas coaching is typically tuned into the present moment and what you can do now to move in a new direction for your future. During coaching sessions we focus on where you want to go rather than where you have been.

A coach will work with you to reach your personal and professional goals. They will guide you and help you focus on your strengths, rather than giving direct advice. They will enable you to grow while motivating and holding you accountable to your goals.

Finding a coach who is a good fit for you is important.