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Twenty years leadership experience with the Government of Canada in Health and Wellness.

Certified Professional Co-Active Coach through the prestigious Coaches Training Institute.

Associate Certified Coach Accreditation through the International Coach Federation.

Certified Strengths Communicator Coach

Certified 2Young2Retire Facilitator

Living Life to the Full Facilitator

Holding Space Coach Facilitator

There is no passion to be found in playing small —in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.
— Nelson Mandela
Before I can tell my life what I want to do with it, I must listen to my life telling me who I am, to the truths and values at the heart of my own identity.
— Parker J Palmer

My grandmother gave me the First Nation name Estsü, which means old wise one.

In my culture, your Tahltan name is what you grow into. Its what the giver sees as a glimpse in you, your potential. Like a compass pointing in the direction of your greater self.

Inner and outer wisdom and wellness has always been a thread in the fabric of my life.

I worked within the Government of Canada as a leader in Health & Wellness Program Management for over twenty years.

It was my passion to be the most impactful leader I could.  I wanted to make a difference in the lives of others, and I wanted to feel fulfilled and present in my life and work.

As many leaders attest, the pressures, workload, and relationship management can often feel isolating and stressful, and lonely.  While I worked hard to avoid stumbling under my professional obligations and the bureaucratic situations that were a natural extension of my role, I do admit, it was really challenging at times.

I found it necessary to tap into a deeper source of strength that went beyond my to-do lists and strategic thinking. My potential to influence and be effective had to be deeply rooted in my truest internal beliefs. It was a time of great learning and personal exploration and growth.

To lead effectively—to uplift others without losing myself in the process—it became necessary to understand who I was at my core, so I could tend to and sustain my energy and thrive at being of service.

And in 2011, I knew it was time to evolve.

I decided to change direction.  

What I realized was that throughout my life and work, I have always been ‘coaching’.  I just didn’t know or own it.  And interestingly, others knew this, but I didn’t know this. 

I transitioned my extensive background in leadership management into a new career as a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach. As a coach, I specialize in helping my clients access their inner wisdom—the ultimate source of their strength.  So they can show up, be seen and be heard, and ultimately lead with courage, presence, and a bold focus.

It breaks my heart to see people trying to fix or motivate themselves without first connecting and aligning within. It's like being on a hamster wheel, frantically chasing something, but going nowhere. Which eventually dampens one’s focus, confidence, drive and .... spirit.

Many people search outside themselves for motivation, perspective, confidence and guidance. And I can tell you—from personal experience and as a seasoned coach—this approach does not work.  

You do not need to do more or be more.  

Becoming a leader—a fulfilled and inspired facilitator of change— is the art of becoming exactly who you are. I can help you make that discovery. It would be an honor.