Strengths Mastery Coaching

Go beyond simply knowing what your strengths are.
Learn how to develop them and how to make the best use of them to create the results you want.  

Strengths Mastery for Individuals, Teams and Workplaces


Strengths are potentials for excellence that can be cultivated through enhanced awareness, accessibility and effort.  Strengths are not fixed traits across settings and time.

The Clifton Strengthsfinders assessment is a method used to identify, develop and utilize natural strengths in team members and ourselves.

As a Strengths Facilitator, I employ a strengths based coaching approach focused on identifying and maximizing individuals unique natural talents to increase engagement and accelerate performance. I help people learn how to understand the behaviors of their strengths and how to make the best use of them at home, at work and in the community.

A strengths-based approach can significantly increase individuals’ self worth and engagement at work and also improve teamwork and productivity. It will help improve self-confidence of every individual and leader, helping them embrace their own uniqueness and talents to excel in 3 key areas:


"Great leaders are not defined by the absence of weakness, but rather by the presence of clear strengths.”

- John H. Zenger, Leadership Expert and Author



Strengths Mastery is about

Identifying our areas of natural talents
Developing our natural talents
Maximizing our natural talents and making the best use of them

Identifying your unique talent areas of strength is not enough.  Your best opportunity for growth and success is to learn how to develop them in your every day life. 

It’s a focus on building strengths instead of focus on fixing weaknesses - it is employing a strengths development mindset, one of growth not of being fixed, one that acknowledges the information dictated by a situation informs what strengths should be deployed and to what degree. 

Sustainable success comely only when you take what’s unique about you, grow and expand it and figure out how to make it useful and life giving to others. 


Two ways to work together.


Strengths Constellation:
the unique profile of your individual strengths and how they interact with one another and manifest in real world circumstances.

Strengths Mastery Coaching


Every person is gifted with natural talents that can be nourished and cultivated into strengths.  Yet in life, people often focus on ‘fixing’ their weaknesses, resulting in average performance.  When you nurture your natural talents, they develop into strengths that you can use to achieve results that matter. 

By increasing your understanding of your strengths constellation, you are able to make a difference and achieve greatness.

Individual Mastery Session: 

Learn how to develop and use the power of your strengths and talents in the best possible way for you. 

This session is designed to give you a deeper understanding of yourself and your talents and will support you to develop and intentionally apply your strengths creating results that matter. Developing talents into strengths builds confidence.  It feels natural.  It allows a person to participate in a journey of self-discovery and recognize their place in a wider system. 

A Strengths Mastery coaching session consists of:

  • An initial 90-minute session
  • A follow up session, scheduled 2 weeks later
  • A Gallup Clifton StrengthsFinder™ Assessment & Report 
  • Individualized strength constellation profile with identified action items

In the sessions, we will:

  • Deeply explore your top five strengths talent areas 
  • Discover your unique expression of behaviors for each strength talent and identify how they work best together 
  • Explore how to maximize the use of your strengths in a practical, actionable and intentional way

Investment  // $725


Strengths Mastery Coaching


Teams that are strengths-based are more engaged, creative and productive.  They thrive.

A Strengths Mastery Program will allow your team to deepen awareness and understanding of strengths and provide them with the language to communicate their strengths to each other, while uniquely expressing and applying their strengths every day.  

It gives people language to openly discuss their true selves; what they like about themselves; how they like to be managed; how they want to spend their time and energy at an organization; and how they can make each day more enjoyable for themselves and the people they work with.  

This program is intended for organizations that want to achieve their goals by developing the unique potential of each team member and the team as a whole.  

Participants will learn how to leverage and expand their strengths reach within the workplace, both individually and collectively. 

The team & workplace program consists of:

1 // Individual strengths mastery coaching sessions for each participant:

+  Each participant will complete a Strengthsfinders online assessment, which will reveal his or her top five strengths. 

+  Participants will engage in an individual strengths mastery coaching session to more deeply explore how they uniquely express their strengths, potential for development and ways to best maximum their use.   

2 // A collective team session: 

The team will gather together to discuss and share their strengths with each other; what resonated, what surprised them, and how they see their strength in themselves and one another.  Individuals are more inclined to understand and appreciate strengths in the people they work with and manage when they know and appreciate their own individual strengths. Team members will learn how to incorporate and apply the strengths of each member while maximizing the strengths and performance of the entire team. 

The benefits of strengths development for teams:

Strengths-focused organizations flourish because they have managers who understand and are intrigued by the strengths of their team members, and employees are given a chance to develop and thrive. 


Strengths based teams and businesses are 6 times more likely to be engaged.


Staff and team members with friends at work are 7 times happier.  When leaders and teams discover their strengths, work becomes profound and fun.  


Businesses that implement strengths based strategies receive a 240% increase in productivity. 


Please contact me to discuss building a custom program for your organization.


A theme, productively applied that generates life in you and gives life to others. A strength is always changing, evolving, and points to our greatest potential.  

More info...

The Gallup Clifton Strengthsfinders™ assessment is a psychometric, scientific tool that measures cognitive formation and function. 

It is an online assessment that helps you identify your top 5 strengths. It takes about 30 minutes to complete with approximately 177 questions.  

Rooted in positive psychology, the assessment focuses on what is right with you rather than what is wrong, and is based on the philosophy that by focusing on what we already do well, what comes naturally, we can achieve greater success in our work, home and community.

Who should take the Strengths assessment?

The assessment is for anyone seeking greater self-awareness to improve their understanding of their strengths themes and how to apply them. Learning this helps you achieve a deeper sense of fulfillment and contribution, increased performance and productivity, and improved, stronger relationships. It helps you understand why you do things in a certain way.